Flexible Pavement  -  Stamped Asphalt is a flexible pavement which makes it resistant to cracking and eliminates the need for expansion joints as compared with imprinted cement concrete.

Continuous Surface  -  Stamped Asphalt is a continuous, waterproof surface which resists weed growth and inhibits the migration of water to the base thereby reducing the possibility of base failures. StreetBond, the coating system, also reduces the effects of weathering from water, freeze-thaw cycles and sun (ultra violet exposure).

Easy Maintenance  -  Stamped Asphalt is easily repairable and has low maintenance costs. The patterns can be changed and easily re-coated.

Salt Resistance  -  Stamped Asphalt does not react to salt used for de-icing or from salt air in coastal climates. Concrete products including cement bricks can spall and degrade through the reaction of the cement with salt.

Quick Installation  -  Stamped Asphalt can be installed very quickly ( as much as 10 times faster than cement bricks) resulting in much less disruption to traffic and other activities. Stamped Asphalt can be applied over existing asphalt that is in good condition. The surface is simply reheated and imprinted.

Elaborate Decorative Patterns  -  Stamped Asphalt makes it practical to create embossed art work in the surface. This can be done quickly and easily and creates a whole new opportunity for decorative pavement designers.

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