StreetArt Impressions, Inc.
StreetArt Impressions, Inc.
StreetArt Impressions, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Ralph and Dora Taylor. In 2001 the business was incorporated. At this time, Don Hays, general engineer, joined the corporation as corporate officer and shareholder. Mr. Hays brings a wealth of experience with his 40 years in the construction field. The corporation holds the following California State Licenses:

A General Engineering Contractor

C12 Earthwork and Paving

C32 Parking and Highway Improvement

The State of California Home Improvement Certification is current.

We are a Small Business State Certified Construction Corporation. We are also classified as a Small Business Enterprise with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

We are members of the Latino Builders, Inc., the Disabled Veteran's Business Enterprise (DVBE) and the Western Regional Master Builders Association. We take pride in our reputation and expertise and aspire to best serve our customers and community through quality workmanship, skill, responsibility and integrity. We can assure you years of satisfaction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality service to our customers in San Diego and adjoining counties, to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for our employees and to promote responsible citizenship in our community.

For more info E-mail us at or call us at 619-445-9023

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